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If you have ever tried to remove foul odours from your car, you will understand how difficult it can be. Unwanted smells from tobacco, pets, and other sources can penetrate the carpets and upholstery in your vehicle and seem impossible to shift. At Shiny Motors, we use an innovative vehicle deodorising system that can quickly and permanently remove unpleasant aromas from your car.

Vehicle fogging eliminates any unwanted odour


- Remove foul odours

- Natural and permanent

- Leaves your car fresh and clean

- Quick treatment

- Affordable price

Say goodbye to those bad car smells

The deodorising system emits a dry fog inside your vehicle which is allowed to penetrate every possible area where the odour-causing bacteria may inhabit. The fog neutralises the cause of the odour at its source and leaves a pleasant fragrance in its place.


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How does vehicle fogging work?

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Back seats of a vehicle cleaned by Shiny Motors in Norfolk Fogging